Lady Diana's Letters

More than 30 letters and a personal greeting card from Lady Diana auctioned today. This letter shows the personality of the princess, for example about the habits of Princess Diana opened the gift, and the difficulties facing the media chase following continuous steps. Most of Lady Diana's letters addressed to the makeup artist, Janet Fliderman. There is also a letter to Steve Davies, a personal driver of Ladydi. In addition there are a few Christmas card family portrait picture still holds the status as the wife of Prince Charles.

The late Lady Diana was like a legend about a beautiful princess kind. Diana's private life interesting background, hobbies to share with others through the suffering of Diana during the marriage with Prince Charles who is not out of love with Camila Parker Bowles, which has now become husband and wife. Ladydi died in 1997 ago when a tragic accident with a son Dodi al Fayed. The accident that killed the princess occurred in a tunnel in Paris while being chased paparazzi. They even married then. That means there is a possibility the princess had become converts. But there was no clarity about it until now.
Diana left the living memory of two sons princes William and Harry.
From some letters which were auctioned, there is the handwriting of William and Harry when they receive a small Christmas gift.
Letters and cards were auctioned at a price of 200 pounds ($ 314) to £ 1,200 - £ 1,500. Interested in having?

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