Susan Boyle Did Not Have Time For Dating

Susan Boyle famous arena talent through Britain's Got Talent, is no longer young. But along with success in the entertainment Boyle, Susan is now concentrating more on career matters than with love.

Yes, Susan Boyle at the age of 48, she was not married. This is because the artist is currently very busy and there was no time for dating. In fact, the offer from the reality show from a television station, who wanted to find the perfect mate, rejected.

"No time for a boyfriend right now, I have been very busy," Susan told OK magazine!

"There is a television company that wants to bring me to a man. Looks like a nice guy, but I have a life to live. I do not mind being friends, but not to marry," said Boyle.

Susan seemed to take advantage of the moment to further explore the success of the music.

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