Best of the Best Awards Direct TV

Every person must have a favorite movie star. Each of these actors saw action fight, then there is a sense of interest and admiration of our hearts. And for Best of the Best Awards this time, I want to talk about my admiration for Brad Pitt. This handsome actor is one of the many movie stars have an idol all over the world who see through Directtv. With a handsome face and supported with a sexy body, so do not be surprised if in every appearance of Brad Pitt always invite admiration of the fans. Even in BoB Awards Direct tv, he was one of many stars who reap praise.

This handsome man is not only successful in the movie, but in the life, Pitt, including artists who have a high concern for the poor. Even Brad Pitt adopt a child adoption to help provide love and the cost of having the child will be more useful in the future. However, in matters of love, Brad Pitt was not lucky like her job. In Blog Awards, Pitt had a couple of times he dropped out of love and go through the process of divorce. Marriage to a beautiful movie star had made him feel comfortable. And now he has a beautiful wife, Angelina Jolie

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